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Related article: Canal Point in (about six furlongs).' Lord Stanley's br. c Melange, by Melanion— Amalgam, 4 yrs. 8st. C. Wood I Baron de Rothschild's bl. h. Amandier, aged, 9st. M. Cannon 2 Mr. Vyner's b. c. Albtnus, 3 yrs.. yst. lib N. Robinson 3 5 to 2 agst. Melai^e. St. George Stakes of 1,719 sovs. for three-year-olds ; one mile and three furlongs. Mr. L. de Rothschild's b. f. Golelta, by Galopin — Biserta, 9st. 7lb K. Cannon i Mr. Fairie's b. c. Eager, 9s(. 61b. M. Cannon 2 Sir J. Blundell Maple's b. c. Royal Footman, 8st. 71b Calder 3 100 to 30 agst. Goletta. The Twenty-eighth Great Lancashire Breeders' Prmluce Stakes of 1,611 sovs. for two-year-olds ; five fur- longs. Mr. Arthur James's br. Filly by Common — Needles, 8st iiib. M. Cannon i Captain Greer's ch. c. Bittern, 9st. 5rb C. Wood 2 Mr. R. Sherwood's ch. c. The Khedive, 8st. ylb Rumbold 3 6 to 4 agst. Needles filly. July 22nd. — The Fortieth Knowsley Dinner Stakes of 600 sovs. for three-year- olds ; one mile and a furlong. Mr. Reid Walker's b. f. Galatia, by Galopin — Pamela, 8st. 91b. C. Wood I Lor^ Ellesmere^s b. f. Fortalice, 8st. 91b. M. Cannon 2 Mr. Vyner's b. or br. c. Yorkmint, 9st Black 3 3 to I agst. Galatia. The Mersey Stakes of 550 sovs. for two-year-olds; five furlongs and a Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Morning Dew, by Adieu— Golden Mom, 8st. 7lb M.Cannon 1 Sir J. Blundell Maple's b. c. Devon, 8st. 7lb Calder 2 5 to 2 on Devon. The Liverpool Cup of 975 sovs. ; Cup Course (one mile and three furlongs). Mr. Jersey's ch. c. Brayhead, by Arklow — Contour, 3 yrs., 6st. 51b. H.Jones i 1897.] SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. 253 Mr. A. F. Calvert's br. h. Clwyd, 6 yrs., 8st. 71b. Rickaby 2 Duke of Westminster's br. c. Labrador, 4 yrs.,9st. M. Cannon 3 10 to I agsL Brayhead. The Croxteth Plate of 500 sovs. ; five furlongs. Lord Ellesmere's br. f. Esther Waters, by Lowland Chief- Clarissa, 3 yrs., 6st. 5lb. H. Jones i Mr. Vale's b. f. Prosperous, 3 yrs., 6st. 61b U. Luke, jnnr. 2 Mr. Vyner's br. h. Cunctator, $ yrs., 7st. 51b F. Finlay 3 100 to 8 agst. Esther Waters. GATWICK.— Summer Mbbting. July 23rd. — The Straight Handicap of 252 sovs. ; one mile. Mr. J. Wallace's b. c. Spook, by Otieron — Lady Lothian, 4 yrs., gst. 9lb. (51b. ex.) ...M. Cannon i Captain Baird's ch. c. Teredo, 4 yrs., 6st. iilb Toon 2 Mr. W. M. G. Singer's b. f. La Rosee, 3 yrs., 6st. 61b. H. Jones 3 2 to I agst. Spook. The Summer Handicap of 251 sovs. ; one mile and a quarter. Mr. P. H. Osborne's b. ro. Ac- mena, by Martini Henry — Acme, 5 yrs., 8st. I2lb Bradford I Mr. B. S. Straus' b. c. Cherry- wood, 3 yrs., 6st. 81b Dunn 2 Mr. W. H. Palmer's br. c. Thur- ling, 3yrs., 8st. 71b. N. Robinson 3 II to 8 on Acmena. The Crabbet Plate of 254 sovs. for two-year-olds ; five furlongs. Sir R. Waldie Griffith's br. f. St. la, by St. Serf— Berengaria, 9st. - 51b rkumbold 1 Mr. W. B. Purefoy's b. g. Prosset, 8st. 81b W. Taylor 2 Capt. C. Howard's Sheet Anchor, 8st. 81b Allsopp 3 5 to 2 agst. St. la. NEWTON MEETING. July 24th.— The Newton Cup (Handicap) of 274 sovs. ; one mile. Lord Lonsdale's b. m. Porte Bon- heur, by Poste Restante — Brace- let, aged , 8st. 2lb F. Finlav 1 Mr. G. Maclachlan's ch. m. Full of Fashion, 5 yrs., 7st. 61b. S. Chandler 2 Mr. T. Weldon's b. Buy Sparfloxacin c. Thirlstane, 4 yrs., 7st. 51b Harrison 3 5 to 4 agst. Porte Bonheur. VOL. LXVllI. — NO. 451. GOODWOOD MEETING. July 27th. — The Stewards* Cup, value 300 sovs. ; T.y.C. (six furloncs). Mr. H. McCalmont's ch. f. Am- phora, by Amphion — Sierra, 4 yrs., 8st. 8Ib M.Cannon i Lord W. Beresford's b. c. Diakka, 4 yrs. , 8st. 41b Bradford 2 Sir. S. Scott's bl. f. Ardvourlie, 4 yrs., 6sl. 9lb Segrott 3 100 to 8 agst. Amphora. The Richmond Stakes of 25 sovs. each, 10 ft., with 500 sovs. added ; for two-year-olds ; T.Y.C. 50 subs.